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Name:Sarah Beth

People & Things

{Well I ain't really drowning 'cause I see the beach from here:

Sarah. 26. Born on the fourth of July. Midwesterner. Stereotypically German. Drexel alum. Future librarian. Mizzou employee. Hyper literate. Saved by grace. Extremely clumsy. Baseball, soccer, swimming, college basketball, and gymnastics fan. Former cheerleader. Gullible. Pop culture junkie. Burgeoning film buff. Tattooed. Work in progress.}
MusicTV and MoviesBooks
Emma Stone. Skylar Astin. Olympians. Taylor Swift. Mindy Kaling. Evan Glodell and Tyler Dawson. James and Dave Franco. Rebel Wilson. Alex Pettyfer. Princess Diana. Kate Middleton. Herschell Gordon Lewis. Chelsea Handler. Britney Spears. Aubrey Plaza. Aziz Ansari. Ryan Gosling. The Olsens. The Followills. The Fannings. John Dillinger. Annaleigh Tipton. Alexander McQueen. James Deen. Leonardo DiCaprio. Paul Rudd. John Krasinski. Rooney Mara. The Saint Louis Cardinals.

Accents. Alphabetizing. Animal print. Astronauts. Beale Street. Candy. Cheap wine. Cheerleading. Coloring. Comedians. Commercials. Compulsive book buying. Cover songs. Curiousity. Dive bars. Dogs. Dreaming big. Foreign Films. Gore. Grindhouse. Hello Kitty. High Fashion. History. Karaoke. Learning. Libraries. Little Green Ghouls buddy. London. Making lists. Mizzou sports. Monster High. Musicals. Neo-noir. Nostalgia. Pseudo intellectuals. Punk. Puzzles. Quoting movies. Reading. Religions. School supplies. Serial killers. Snow cones. Sociology. Stuffed animals. Technology. The dirty south. TLC. Trivia. Young adult novels.
Alkaline Trio. Beastie Boys. Beyonce. Black Keys. The Blood Brothers. Brand New. Butch Walker. Chiddy Bang. The Clash. Coldplay. Counting Crows. Death Cab For Cutie. The Dismemberment Plan. The Faint. fun. Get Up Kids. Girl Talk. Glassjaw. Ha Ha Tonka. Jason Isbell and the Drive By Truckers. Jay Z. The Jayhawks. Jaymay. Jukebox the Ghost. Kings of Leon. Koffin Kats. Lucky Boys Confusion. Michael Jackson. Mindless Self Indulgence. Motion City Soundtrack. Nicki Minaj. Old Crow Medicine Show. Pretty Lights. Public Enemy. Rancid. Rob Zombie. Ryan Adams. Saves the Day. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Something Corporate. The Starting Line. St. Vincent. Taylor Swift. Tommy and the High Pilots. Treaty of Paris. Wilco. Happy Endings. Friends. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Arrested Development. Homeland. 30 Rock. Gilmore Girls. The Office. Modern Family. American Horror Story. Downton Abbey. How I Met Your Mother. Newsradio. Breaking Bad. Greek. Veronica Mars. Parks and Recreation. Nip/Tuck. Workaholics.

Bellflower. A Christmas Story. Pitch Perfect. happythankyoumoreplease. Cloverfield. Scream. Reality Bites. Bring It On. Horrible Bosses. The Social Network. Chicago. Mean Girls. Bye Bye Birdie. Stepbrothers. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Romeo + Juliet. Shakespeare In Love. House of 1000 Corpses. Can't Hardly Wait. The Sound of Music. Crazy Heart. O Brother Where Art Thou.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The Hunger Games. The Phantom Tollbooth. Because of Winn-Dixie. Daytripper. Zeitoun. Harry Potter. A Confederacy of Dunces. The Walking Dead. Harriet the Spy. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. The Fault In Our Stars. Stardust. The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Helter Skelter. The Tao of Pooh. Persepolis. Every Day. Fahrenheit 451. Jessica Darling.

Chuck Klosterman. Chuck Palahniuk. Jen Lancaster. Laura Kasischke. Tom Perrotta. Tucker Max. AJ Jacobs.
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